The Potential of the Interactive Whiteboard…

This week we were introduced to the CLEM acronym; Community, Literature, Examples, and Model. Each component represents an important focus for developing knowledge around how to effectively use ICTs to amplify and transform student learning. In particular, the learning pathway applied this framework to analyse the use of interactive whiteboards (IWB’s) in classrooms.

Studies such as Sad et al (2012), support the use of the IWB to positively impact student learning due to factors including; visualisation, contextualisation, effective presentation, text-based use and motivational factors. However, the study also commented that IWB’s were not being used to their full potential within the classroom, due to technical problems as well as limited teacher knowledge.

I would agree with both of the above statements. I believe IWB’s have the potential to engage student’s in their learning and create a more active learning environment which fosters collaboration between students. However, I also believe that unfortunately most IWB’s in classrooms are not being used to their full potential.

On previous professional experiences I have had the opportunity to use two IWB’s. I incorporated these IWB’s into my lessons to; display texts to the whole-class to promote a whole-class discussion, to present PowerPoint presentations, to view YouTube clips, and to play interactive games (addition games in a Prep classroom and time/clocks games in a Year 3/4 classroom).

 In my upcoming professional experience, I have been informed that the class does have an IWB, however the laptop that it is connected to is quite slow. My aim on professional experience will be to move beyond using the IWB to support didactic teaching, and instead use the IWB to increase student interaction, engagement and enthusiasm towards learning.

This page also provides some useful tips on how to incorporate IWB’s into lessons.

Courtney H


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